You can bring hope to Orphan Children in Tanzania

Providing Necessities For Life

books and pencils
2 sets of clothes
a mosquito net


Walking many miles to and from school consumes valuable time. A bike allows more time for work and school studies!
The 5 mile walk to and from school each day can be replaced with the bicycle ride thus saving an average of 2 hours per day. As a result, the students have more time for homework and more sleep; thus their grades can improve dramatically!

Solar Lamps

Daylight is a precious commodity for the orphans as they must travel hours to attend school and then need more daylight to tend to their farming. These lamps will provide light with which they can study at nighttime—all which leads to increasing education levels. Literally, this is the difference between passing and failing!

Clean Water

  • 4,500 children die every day, world-wide, from dirty drinking water
  • 23,900 children under 5 years of age, die in Tanzania annually from diarrhea
  • $5,000 – the cost to drill a well to bring clean water to an entire village

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