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Treasurer's Report - 2017

Through September 30, 2017, Tumaini received donations for a total of $222,000. Some $200,000 were generated early in the year as a result of Dr. Susan Wilson and Sarah Jane Allen’s visit to Naples in March and the Colors of Hope Fundraiser at the Naples Sailing & Yacht Club held to coincide with their visit.

The COH Event raised $146,000 through ticket sales, live and silent auctions, bidding totaling $82,000 on five Fund a Need items (Bags of Grain, Mosquito Nets, Bicycles, Wells and Houses) and donations from people unable to attend the Event.

Dr. Susan Wilson's and Sarah-Jane’s visits to local churches together with meetings with individual donors raised a further $54,000 including $35,000 for an irrigation project in Chato.

The Tumaini Fund USA has remitted $190,000 to Tanzania so far this year. The amount was a mix of Specific Purpose and General Support Funds. Some donors designate donations for Specific Purposes and the remitted funds included $5,000 for Bags of Grain, $8,000 for Bicycles, $28,000 for Houses, $35,000 for the Chato Irrigation Project and $40,000 for Shallow Wells. Other donors do not specify a use and $64,000 of these General Support Funds were remitted to spend in accordance with Tumaini Tanzania’s most pressing needs.

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